stalker saya..wooaahh


english week,,hahaha,sj jerk

Today I wake late,huh, sir onion,,(ask him), always he would wake me at 6.30am for the dawn prayer, (broken clock). but just he call me at 6.45am, slow! sir onion central bathroom and a breakfast talk just now, hm xpela, mama has kjutkn,
as usual I cannot acept bila hear he voice, I very miss him, his motor is just so peneman me .. la la la,, kcoh la i ni,  he had gone six days, not six months ago that he had to say. oh no I'm hard to get!

 da kind of quarantine,, haha. (eh betol ke spell my second?)damn,

Arini most often he did not contact me, busy kataye, there a lot work to do, hmm xpela,theres your ambition kn,, ok, i always support what you do, so do I,, yahh!
family shop> pukol 2 g makan, take care n tolong2 la kdai,customer for service lorr,,not to boring,,jz fun,happy what,,may itch2,,hahaha,,joke lar..

4p.m>go to my sister house,,near around here lor,,to accompany their children.(my nephew) lorr,,coz time to my sis to tolong2 di kedai free..watching tv n update blog,, usual..
k la bye.


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